Donator Perms/Ranks

3 MAIN Donator RANKS


  • The first tier of Donator Ranks; $5 and includes a ton of cool and exciting perks and customization to give you a more fun experience!!


  • The second tier of Donator Ranks; $15 and includes even MORE cool and exciting perks!


  • The third/last tier of Donator Ranks; $25 and includes so MUCH COOL STUFF!!


Winter Reindeer

Spring LoveBirds

Summer Unicorn

Fall Flying Squirrel

You can check out our donation store here: Blue Skies Donator Store

In all seriousness, the Blue Skies team is so thankful for your support and patronage! Don't forget that no matter what, Blue Skies will always be free-to-play. We happily accept any kindness we get though, and will put donations back towards the server!

Donations are NOT refundable or returnable... Even if you get banned!