Blue Skies mc

Welcome to blue skies!!

Welcome to Blue Skies Minecraft, we are a new Minecraft server specializing in fun plugins and friendly staff! If you like our server, please feel free to join!

Hello new friend!! Welcome to our website! Here you can find: Player Rules/Ranks, Donator Perms/Ranks, Staff Ranks, Plugin Lists and much more!! The site will always be updated, so feel free to check back for new information at any time!


1.17 has been launched!! We are currently waiting for ALL plugins to be updated and ready before updating the server to 1.17 :) Thanks for your patience and understanding!!

Meet the Blue Skies Staff Team!!

Owner BellaIngenue

Owner Plat

Admin Nyar

Admin Log

Admin CZG

Architect Bacon

Architect Helper

Architect Lunuc

Architect Icy

Moderator BigDawg

Moderator PoundFoot

Moderator Chelsy

Helper Mattechaotic

Helper Yigiyooo

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We have an AMAZING Architect team on Blue Skies!! They have such creative ideas and powerful designs!

Check out our Dynmap here!

Events For This Week: